Below I have listed several different exercises for you to try out.

Each exercise is modifiable to make easier or more intense, and each has withstood the test of time in terms of being a beneficial part of any routine.

The Glute Bridge

This exercise is very useful to build strength in the low back and butt muscles. It is also be used as a warm-up for more strenuous exercises, and is alsouseful to "turn-on" the leg and butt muscles for any sort of activity.

  1. Start in the lowered position.
  2. Drive your heels into the ground and press your hips into the sky.
  3. You should be feeling the exercise in your butt, the back of your legs, and the front.
  4. Do not arch your lower back.
  5. Slowly lower down over 1-2 seconds.

    Modifier: Make more intense by using only one leg!
The Plank

This exercise seems easy, but it uses many muscle groups to keep the body in a stable and stationary position. It's very effective to build total body tension and coordinate multiple muscle groups together.

  1. Start in a typical push-up position: arms straight out (perpendicular) in front of you with palms on ground; balls of feet on ground.
  2. Tighten abs and tuck in pelvis; tighten butt.
  3. Push into the ground with the arms, shoulders, and shoulder blades.
  4. Have back as flat as possible without sagging lower back.

    Modifier: Increase difficulty by trying to "move" arms together                                (without actually doing so)

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