Protein Powders Awhile back an old cowor

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Protein Powders
Awhile back an old coworker friend of mine messaged me asking what kind of protein powder I recommend. My first impulse was to say that “eating” your protein is better, but being a good coach/friend, I answered her question. Research shows that in some ways, drinking protein is not as beneficial because “eating” protein will often break down slower, absorb better, and provide more nutrients. Then again, if a person doesn’t eat meat, has a small appetite, and/or is having trouble getting enough protein in their diet, powders/bars work great.
To answer her question, I said Vega! It tastes decent, is as “natural” as you can get, and is not terribly expensive! (at least this version from Costco/Target) (I’m not associated in any way with Vega/Costco/Target FYI ;))

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