Thursday’s Thoughts – That’s NEAT!!! T

Thursday’s Thoughts – That’s NEAT!!!
The Mayo Clinic did a small, but AWESOME study: 16 normal weight people ate 1,000 extra calories each day, with no extra exercise. By calorie math, each person should’ve gained 16 lbs. But everyone gained between 1 lb and 10 lb. NEAT huh?
No, not “neat”! Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis! All the activities that aren’t eating, sleeping, and exercise. (ex: fidgeting, walking, typing, yardwork, etc.) Neat!

Mindset Mondays — “Mind stuff” The La

Mindset Mondays — “Mind stuff”
The Law of Attraction. Does it exist? I’ve heard both ways. So what do you do??? First, write down your goals. Make a plan. Believe in your ability (this can be hard). Imagine what success is like. Then, act on your plan. Expect success. There may be detours. Hard times. And even the best made plans fail. So experiment. If needed, modify or make a new plan. Forge your path!

Don’t Count Calories! (Part 3) So labels

Don’t Count Calories! (Part 3)
So labels aren’t 100% accurate and individual foods digest differently due to their composition. Guess what? People of the same size / activity can need different energy amounts due to their gut micro-flora! And, if labels weren’t inaccurate enough, people (and sources) differ on how much a serving size actually is! So how do you really know how many calories you’re getting??? YOU DON’T. In a “2000 calorie” diet, you could be getting 1500 cal or 2500 cal….So what do you do? Check out PN’s portion control inforgraphic!