Mindset Mondays — Willpower More and mo

Mindset Mondays — Willpower

More and more studies are coming out that say that willpower is a limited resource. So like Rachel Cosgrove, of Results Fitness University, says, “Don’t rely on willpower. Have strategies.”

So what does that mean? Well, look back at your day or week. When did your “willpower” go? What was happening? What happened earlier that day? Were you tired? Hungry? Busy?

I’ve noticed when I’m under-hydrated I get tired, irritable, and my mind is not what it normally is. So now I have a water bottle close by.

What about you?

What are your goals? If you don’t have

What are your goals? If you don’t have any, you won’t get anywhere. If you have too many, you will only make a tiny bit of progress in a bunch of different directions.

So choose.

There’s also a time and place for every goal.

If you want help with slow and steady fat loss and simultaneous muscle gain, I can help you.

If you want to be the next “World’s Strongest Man”, go into cage fighting, or be a pro-baller, I CAN’T help you. That’s not what my priority is.

So what do you want?


Eating Healthy Isn’t Easy??? Eating hea

Eating Healthy Isn’t Easy???

Eating healthy isn’t just one thing. It’s a bunch of things:

–having the time/money/ability to go to the grocery store
–knowing what to buy at the store
–abiding by your cultural/dietary food preferences/needs/intolerances
–knowing how to cook
–having the time to cook and plan out your meals
–having the desire to do all these things

There’s probably more, but it’s a start. Simply put, there’s a lot to consider. Things many of us “healthy eaters” take for granted. So how do you go from not doing any of these things, to doing them all?

Start simple.

Start with learning what healthy foods are. When you feel comfortable with that, plan out a time to go to the store. Don’t feel like you have to buy anything, just look around. Get comfortable with the ‘idea’ of making healthy choices.

Then when you’re comfortable with it, go for it! http://ow.ly/i/zEdiW

Mindset Mondays — LOVE YOURSELF. Last w

Mindset Mondays — LOVE YOURSELF.

Last week I mentioned a quote from “The Female Body Breakthrough” and how the book has a wealth of information. Well I’m happy to read it so you don’t have to! Here’s another quote from the same page (13) that was just incredible:

“Every thought is a message taking you closer to becoming the person you want to be or further away.”

So the next time you look in the mirror and start thinking mean thoughts about yourself, try replacing those mean thoughts with these simple yet positive ones:

“I am a fit person in training.”

Don’t make it complicated! Interrupt the negative and inject positive. It isn’t easy at first, (I still struggle with this sometimes), but with practice, YOU CAN DO IT. http://ow.ly/i/zaPhu

Was watching a video on “Change Theory

Was watching a video on “Change Theory” and ways to positively influence people. The speaker stated that change doesn’t always have to be hard. It can be pretty “easy” and fun! Getting a new car, having a kid, going on a trip….all of these things are “change”.

So if you think that eating well and training your body is “hard work” or “sacrifice”, I hear ya! That’s one way to think about it!

You can also reframe the situation! Think, “If I eat well I’m gonna feel awesome and have tons of energy.”

Or, “If I do this exercise program it’ll help me get stronger and lighter so I can go on hikes and have more fun with my kids.”

Think about it! Literally.

What would you do??? So I have about hal

What would you do???

So I have about half a box of Snickers that I bought around a year or so ago. It was on sale for only like $4 so I thought, “Why not?”

However, I don’t usually eat junk food and have gotten to the point where I eat a “sugary” protein bar if I absolutely “need” it.

I don’t want to give them to a homeless person (because they aren’t healthy); I’ve considered throwing them away (but I hate wasting food); and I’m now considering eating one a week as a scheduled “cheat” treat (I just ate one btw….)

So what would YOU do? http://ow.ly/i/zCfTH

Mindset Mondays — Think Different Thoug

Mindset Mondays — Think Different Thoughts!

I’m reading “The Female Body Breakthrough”, by Rachel Cosgrove, one of the speakers at Perform Better and co-owner of Results Fitness in SoCal. I could easily create TONS of posts just on the information in the first few pages, but I wanted to share something SUPER POWERFUL from page 13:

“If your attitude toward fitness is that it’s too hard, time consuming, and not worth it, you’ll never make it a priority, and it will never become a lifestyle.”

Do I love fitness? Heck yeah! Do you need to love fitness to make awesome changes? Heck no! Just make it a priority in your life. See the benefits. If you can’t make it a priority right now, that’s ok! When you can, get to it!

And if you’d like some help getting there, let me know!
https://davidbltraining.wordpress.com/contact/ http://ow.ly/i/zaPS4

Use “both sides” of your brain! We’ve

Use “both sides” of your brain! We’ve heard that the “left brain” is analytical and and the “right brain” is emotional. Some are more left brain, and some are more right. But guess what? When we’re tired or scared, our emotional brains ultimately win. That’s why our “will-power” fails us, we suddenly quit, or we are resistant to change. So clear away roadblocks before they become an issue. Make daily practices automatic so you don’t even think about it.
Get rid of the cookie jar! Set out your workout clothes so it’s ready for you!
What would this look like for you? http://ow.ly/i/zaBL3