Make it a Habit

You can still eat well when you’re tired / busy / lazy / etc!

This is what I do when I don’t feel like eating but know I should. Very simple to do, low in calories (~350), and pretty healthy.

Step 1–Add frozen fruit.


Step 2–Add a little water and then a scoop of your favorite protein powder. (So the protein doesn’t clump on the bottom)Smoothie2







Step 3–Add a little (~1tbs) of olive oil (or peanut butter, etc) for some healthy fats. Also makes the drink less grainy tasting.







Step 4–Add a little more water up to the line.Smoothie4

Step 5–Blend it up, and then add more water if necessary (post blending to desired consistency).

Step 6–Enjoy your easy, nutritious, on the go (if needed) meal!

Make it a habit! It can be anything! It’ll make your life easier. 🙂Smoothie5

So I ate a lot of food yesterday. It was

So I ate a lot of food yesterday. It was AMAZING. 😀
And even with all the distractions, what I had practiced months ago (and continue to do), kept me from eating more than I wanted. Practicing “eating slowly” and making sure I prioritized my veggies and lean protein allowed me to control my enthusiastic eating while still enjoying myself. I’d love to be help you or someone you care about do the same!